1. John and Heidi

This law firm advised us to refuse insurance company’s offer, and then file a lawsuit. So, we did the same, and the car accident case ended up in settling for over six times the sum of last offer… So, I was highly pleased with the method that they handled it and got us a great settlement which will help our kid through college and to start off a great life.

3. Tami B.

I was extremely pleased with the way in which my car accident case was handled. They always kept me informed about its progress, what will happen next, what to anticipate, and in my language always. I would recommend this Firm to others definitely.

2. Leslie Goodman

I definitely have clearer understanding of car accident law. A lawyer from this firm answered all my questions we had. He even helped us to resolve and reach to bottom of whatever happened with my dad. We really felt so confident, enjoyed his talks, and felt he’d do the best possible for us, and compassionately…I cannot say enough good.

4. Shirley Anderson

This Law Firm was remarkable. Very professional, yet personal. Having an attorney to ensure that everything is properly taken care of and that you do not miss certain details is great. It was extremely comforting to have an excellent professional office like this to know that we are covered.